Ocean shipment

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Full container load (FCL): are 20, 40, 45 foot protect the amount of merchandise that is
shipped. Shipping full container loads reduces freight costs.
Less than container load (LCL ) :Consolidation services for single and multiple buyers to move
goods cost-effectively and in a timely manner
Breakbull cargo Break bulk cargo is packaged cargo that is oversized and heavy weigh, they
consist of multiple, differently sized items, loads or units for individual consignees. They are
typically transported on specialty ships that use heavy lift cranes to accelerate loading and
RORO SERVICES: Heavy, bulky wheeled vehicles that can be driven on and off a ship’s deck is
called roll-on/roll-off cargo. It’s better known by its industry nickname, RoRo, or by another
term: Lift-On, Lift-Off.
Door to door services